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Nicoletta is a family business, started in September 2004 and run by a competent team led by husband and wife Ian and Nicole. Nicoletta has grown from a small home-based business into a specialist basking aids supplier. Over the years we have worked hard to grow a brand that is both playful and elegant, with great quality products.

How we started:

People often ask us “how did it start” or “how did the brand grow to what it is today”? Our honest response is that it’s “a simple idea that got out of control”! Although Ian and Nicole have very different backgrounds, and they don’t always agree on every business principle, they do however share an overwhelming passion to build a successful household brand with strong foundations in quality, innovative products.

The most valuable part of the Nicoletta organisation is its employees. Our staff are empowered and trained so that their jobs make a difference in their lives. The Nicoletta employees are seen as extended family and together strive to make the company successful.

How the Nicoletta logo has developed over the years:


We take great pride in presenting premium innovative and exciting products to the South African consumer. It is our dedication to the Nicoletta fans that brought about this new website.

Our fans best interests are paramount when it comes to setting new product objectives at Nicoletta. We work hard to provide a product range that is safe and fun for adults and children alike. At Nicoletta, we try to protect our fans by reducing the use of artificial colourants; Azo dyes; and allergenic ingredients; by replacing (where possible) with suitable natural and non-allergenic alternatives. The majority of our products contain no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Nicoletta provides clean, transparent labeling affording our customer the right to make an informed choice.

About this website:

Nicoletta invites you to check out our “sweet inspirations” page; connect to our social media; get information about our products; and order products through our online store. We will continue to research and explore additional products to add to our range, so please keep visiting the site for new and updated products!

Happy decorating…