8 colours just won’t do?!

Feel free to mix the colours in any combination. Play around; squish it like playdough until you reach the colour you desire. We played around with the 8 basic colours of Nicoletta fondants in different combinations.

The colour chart we created contains the colour mixture of two fondants in equal quantities:

Our fondants are vanilla flavoured, but you can certainly add some of your own flavour to the fondant, by kneading it in, be sure to use very small amounts to ensure that the end result is not overpowering! Try using a good quality almond, orange or peppermint extract.

How to use Nicoletta fondant

Start by dusting your surface with a little corn flour (corn starch). Do not use too much corn flour as this may cause the fondant to dry and crack. Using a smooth rolling pin roll the fondant out to a thickness of about ½ cm. In order to lift the rolled fondant off the surface and place over your cake, use the rolling pin as a support. Place your rolling pin at the one end of the rolled fondant and gently lift or roll the fondant onto it.

Before placing the rolled fondant over the cake, ensure that you have applied a butter-cream frosting or smooth apricot jam and “dirty” iced the cake. This will ensure that the cake surface is perfectly smooth and even, just right for the rolled fondant to be draped over the cake. It is also forgiving enough to allow for final adjustments to the fondant position once covering the cake.

Position the fondant over the cake and start smoothing it from the centre to the sides, and down to the base of the cake. Cut off any excess fondant around the base. Prick any air bubbles with a pin, and patch up any cracks that may occur by rubbing your finger over the crack with a small amount of corn flour.

To attach decorations to a fondant cake – create a “glue” by mixing a little piece of fondant in a small amount of water; the fondant will dissolve and leave you with a sticky paste which can be used to secure your decorations to the cake.

Ta Daa, a professional cake is made! Now stand back and admire the finished product, take pictures and send to Nicoletta so we can make you famous (for a little while) on our Facebook page!

This very helpful chart tells you how much fondant you need to cover your cake. Each fondant block is 250g, and could be used in these quantities when rolling out your fondant to a ½ cm thick.

Pan (1 layer)



Fondant (250g)

Square/ round



+-  150g

Square/   round



+-  180g

Square/   round



+-  200g

Square/   round



+-  150g

Square/   round



+-  250g

Square/   round



+-  280g

Square/   round



+-  300g