Festive Drops – red & green mixed colour nonpareils BULK (1kg)


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Product Description

Festive drops – mixed red and green coloured billions and zillions in BULK!

Festive drops are just one of our fabulous colour mixes of nonpareils! You might also like to try Angel Drops, Pearl Drops, Rainbow Drops and Silver Drops! All offering a perfect sprinkle for almost any occasion.

Additional information


sugar, thickener: corn starch, wheat starch, glucose, glazing agent: bees wax, shellac, vegetable oil (coconut), colourants


E171 (titanium dioxide), E101 (riboflavin), E133 (brilliant blue), safflower, lemon, radish and sweet potato extracts


wheat, gluten

Animal derived ingredients

contains bees wax and shellac (insect derived)


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