Pink Candy Coated Almonds (1kg)


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Product Description

Pink Candy Coated Almonds – 1kg bulk

Pink candy coated almonds in bulk (1kg). A whole skinned almond with an extra fine sugar coating. Also known as sugar almonds or Jordan almonds.There are approximately  250 almonds per 1kg. These pink sugar almonds are perfect as part of a wedding favour or table gift. Sprinkle them on your table to create an impressive edible table decoration. Please store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight. Do not store your sugar almonds in the fridge as the moisture will affect the candy coating. Sugar almonds are often part of the wedding favour as they symbolise the bitter sweetness of marriage.

Additional information


almonds, sugar, rice starch, thickener: arabic gum, maltodextrin, glazing agent: carnauba wax, flavouring, colourants


E120 (cochineal)


tree nuts, may contain traces of peanuts

Animal derived ingredients

contains cochineal colourant (insect derived)