Raspberry Sprinkle Crunch (35g) Jar


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Product Description

Raspberry Sprinkle Crunch (35g) Jar

Raspberry sprinkle crunch is a pink raspberry flavoured nib or hail sugar. This product is awesome for providing a sweet crunchy “raspberry-licious” texture. Frequently used in authentic Belgian waffles. It is equally great on cakes, cupcakes, desserts and warm winter puddings! Each nib of hail sugar is approximately 3 to 5mm in size.

Raspberry sprinkle crunch is perfect for adding a “raspberry-licious” flavoured texture to your baked goodies, or just about any sweet treat!

These pink coloured sprinkles are so “on trend” at the moment. So, they will definitely be the crowning decoration on your home baked show stoppers! But, if you don’t bake, then buy something and decorate it like you made it!

Pink crunch is ideal as an accompaniment to traditional sprinkles (bling balls, cake confetti and 100’s and 1000’s). Check out http://www.nicoletta.co.za/product-category/nicoletta-bling-decor/.Use them to sprinkle a little crunchy sweet texture on your home baked treats and create that extra special appearance!

Try mixing raspberry crunch with other decorations to create a wonderful customised sprinkles medley. So, go on, have some fun and create your own signature sprinkles mix! It’s that easy!

Check out http://www.sparklesandsprinkles.co.za for more inspiration.

So, now you can purchase all your favourite decorations and sprinkles direct from http://www.nicoletta.co.za without having to leave the comfort of your own kitchen! Just use our convenient user friendly on line store! Nicoletta is a well established and highly trusted South African brand (established in 2004). We know you will love our quality products! Go on, give us a try!

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dextrose, sugar, flavouring, colourant

Natural Colourants

E100 (curcumin)